Nucleic Acid Purifi cation/Extraction and Amplifi cation Kits GeneAll Biotechnology is a leading company specializing in life science fi elds in Korea since 1999. Many of the company’s employees are specialists who majored in life science and have experienced in life science research market for over 10 years.

GeneAll Biotechnology has been established for the purpose of providing the highest-quality biotechnology products in the market in South Korea. With the mission in mind, the company strives to create customer value by off ering best supplies, equipment, technologies and services, along with guaranteed customer satisfaction, by doing so it wants to help its customers reach new levels of success.

Especially, GeneAll DNA and RNA purifi cation kit series are basic materials in molecular biological experiments and off er the fast, accurate, convenient and reproducible methods. Every GeneAll product is manufactured under strictly clean conditions and is quality-controlled thoroughly from lot to lot, while the company proudly guarantees the stable and consistent quality.

GeneAll Biotechnology is dedicated to continuous research and development allowing the company to bring new prospective products and to be a global leader to the fi eld of biotechnology in the future.

Exgene FFPE Tissue DNA
– It is easy, convenient and fast de-paraffi nization with non-xylene based buff er DP.
– It is guaranteed PCR product with length up to 500 base pair.
– RNase A is included for pure DNA.

201610cc_page_059_03Ribospin II
– It has simple, safer process with non-organic reagents.
– Bubble formation is minimized with enhanced lysis buff er system.
– DNase I is included for pure RNA (on-column digestion under 10 minutes).

201610cc_page_059_07Hyperscript First strand and synthesis
– It is ideally organized for synthesizing reaction of fi rst strand cDNA from purifi ed mRNA or total RNA.
– Reverse transcriptase, RNase inhibitor, oligo dT, random hexamer, dNTPs and nuclease free water are included.
– From 1 pg to 2 ug of starting RNA can be applied as template and RNA-target up to 13 kb in length can be synthesized accurately. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods