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Pioneer in Eco-friendly Antibacterial Scrubbers | Korean Products

November 18, 2016 Founded in 1996, INSAN Co., Ltd. specializes in developing and manufacturing 99% antibacterial, ecofriendly and long-lasting antibacterial scrubbers.

INSAN is the fi rst Korean company to develop antibacterial scrubbers utilizing inorganic antimicrobial agent, which is safe for the human body, and the company renews the SF mark every year.

These antibacterial scrubbers are supplied to Korea’s major companies like Clean Wrap, Amway Korea and Lott e Aluminum on an OMD or OEM basis. INSAN has sold antibacterial scrubbers in NH Hanaro Mart, one of biggest supermarket chains in Korea under its own brand name, “Mr. KING of HOUSE KEEPING” which was launched in October 2012.

Since 2013, INSAN has actively been knocking on the door of global markets and now it exports to 12 countries, including the USA, Japan, Hong Kong, China and Germany.

Proving its growth potential, INSAN was selected in 2014 by KOTRA as a KOTRA global brand blue label and Promising Exporting SME by the Small and Medium Business Administration (SMBA) in the same year.

Furthermore, its antibacterial bott le brush and six diff erent types of non-fl uorescent laundry net bag were chosen as HIT 500 items by the Small and Medium Business Corporation in 2015 and 2016, respectively.

The company has made steady and persistent eff orts in researching and studying product’s quality and design, launching new products every year. As a result, it has four design registrations for its antibacterial scrubbers.

201610cc_page_070_03Mr. KING of HOUSE KEEPING
Under its own brand “Mr. KING of HOUSE KEEPING,” INSAN provides not only antibacterial scrubbers, but also a variety of household goods such as shower towels, dishcloths, adhesive roller, paper tape cleaners, laundry net bags, and more.

201610cc_page_070_06Among them, the antibacterial three-fold fi ne scrubber, antibacterial multipurpose scrubber and antibacterial bott le brush are the best-selling products of the company.

Particularly, the antibacterial three-fold fi ne scrubber has strongly built customer loyalty and satisfaction, selling about 5.6 million units a year for the past 20 years.

201610cc_page_070_09The scrubber consists of an antibacterial scratch-free, non-woven fabric; an antibacterial sponge generating rich and long-lasting lather; and fi lter foam that is excellent in removing the grease.

And, the antibacterial multipurpose scrubber has a mesh net consisting of short hairs so that it can eff ectively remove contaminants like a brush. The product has a large size measuring 165 x 80 x 47mm.

Lastly, the antibacterial bott le brush has a T-shaped handle, which acquired design right registration, allowing people to comfortably clean objects with easy grip. The curved three-fold sponge and fi lter foam cleans any bott le without scratching | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods


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