Specialization in Manufacturing Industrial Purposed Filtration Nets

http://korean-products.com/inquiry Founded in 2010, Textoma Co., Ltd. is a specialized company in manufacturing industrial purposed fi ltration nets to develop and deliver functional materials of various qualities and designs through Material ConneXion, the world’s largest new material exhibitor. Currently, it is providing “Chom Chom Mang” brand, screen that blocks out even fi ne dust, and other windows and doors related products to domestic and overseas markets. Also, it is developing applied products of wide range based on mesh fabric original technology and its own patents.

Chom Chom Mang window screen- the most representative product of Textoma
Chom Chom Mang window screen is made of 0.15~0.2mm high strength PET gloss monofi lament fi ber with metal-like feel and strength. It is a functional screen with 500~600um fi ne pores to totally block out winged insects. It also has a privacy feature so that the interior is not seen from outside during daytime. In addition, Chom Chom Mang window screen can be equipped with patented child fall prevention function so every household can install it with reassurance.

Chom Chom Mang M (Embo) is decorated with beautiful patt erns added for interior eff ect. Currently, Basic, Rose fl ower, Stripe and Circle patt erns are available.

Chom Chom Mang S (Silver) features improved privacy protection as the interior is less visible with light refl ected by the metal nano-coating of the outside of the screen.

However, the outside is visible from inside owing to lightabsorbing black color of the inside of the screen.

Chom Chom Mang ECO (Eco-Screen) blocks out 80% of fi ne dust, sand and pollen, and 99% of rain, and even UV radiations. Patented mesh screen fi lters yellow dust and fi ne dust while it is see-through and rainproof with good ventilation. Fiberglass screen improves stabilization and durability including fl ame resistance and properties against sunlight.


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