World’s Leading Producer of Zinc Oxide and Zinc Dust SB Chemical Co., Ltd. (SBC) has been dedicated to manufacturing zinc oxide and zinc dust since it was founded in 1969. Based on its long history, proven technologies and reliable quality and service, SBC has loyal customers worldwide.

SBC is emerging as one of the leading suppliers of zinc oxide and zinc dust especially in China, Japan, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and European countries, securing the largest market share in the global markets among Korean zinc oxide and zinc dust providers.

201610cc_page_073_03SBC is proud to say that average years of continuous business with customers is about 20 years and it is extending.

SBC always maintains each customer’s required specifi cations for zinc oxide and zinc dust products with competitive low prices and on-time delivery. SBC is an ISO certifi ed company with heavy investment in R&D each year. SBC will continue to serve all customers with utmost att ention on quality, price, and delivery of products.

SBC looks forward to taking the fi rst step in securing a long-term and solid relationship with new customers.

– Monthly capacity: 1,200 MT
– Applications: Paint and varnish: corrosion prevention
Exchange reagents: jewelry refi ning
Reluctant: reduction reaction inducer
Others: pharmaceuticals, special paints

– Monthly capacity: 2,000 MT
– Applications:
Rubber: vulcanization accelerator
Electronics: ferrite
Coating agents: steel corrosion protection
Glass: sun protection
Ceramic: glazes and mixture
Others: feed, catalysts and pigments

– Monthly capacity: 100 MT
– Applications:
For coating: corrosive prevention coatings
Pharmaceuticals: dental cement
Others: fl ame retardants, glass additive

– Monthly capacity: 3 MT
– Applications:
Cosmetics: sun block Environment: harmful substance reduction
Energy: photo catalysis, fuel cells
Others: fl ame retardants, glass additive
– Characteristics:
High transparency / Superior UVA/UVB protection / Antibacterial / Antibacterial fi ber and plastic
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