Animal Feed Additives/Supplement, Natural Protease, Natural Proteolytic Enzyme Inzyme is a highly effi cient, natural, bioactive multi-enzyme animal feed additive that provides a good solution to customers for feed effi ciency and energy utilization.

201610cc_page_085_03Inzyme is quite suitable for improving relatively low-grade feed quality at a time when the prices of feed ingredients have recently been rising rapidly. Using natural proteolytic enzyme and Xylanase as a main ingredient, Inzyme does not create increasing of tolerances and residue problems in the animal body when using any other feed additives together, let alone any side eff ects. Inzyme is highly stable against heat so that it maintains high activity while producing pallets in feed mills. In addition, by increasing immunity of the animal body, Inzyme helps to signifi cantly decrease the mortality rates of animals; therefore, it maximizes the economic benefi ts of farms.

Inzyme is not a medicine, and the allowance standard is controlled according to the user’s needs.

Appearance: Powder Type

201610cc_page_085_10 Arazyme Facial Cleansing Powder is a total facial care powder which makes the face clear, pure, and healthylooking.

Arazyme (natural proteolytic enzyme) and low-sensitive surfactants cleanse the face in a very mild way, dissolving the keratin layer of the face softly and naturally promoting skin turnover.

Arazyme Facial Cleansing Powder does not include exfoliating scrub or acid ingredients such as AHAs and BHAs, which might cause adverse eff ects on the face. The product removes only unnecessary and harmful keratin layers for skin health, unlike other facial gel containing AHAs and BHAs that melt skin keratin recklessly with acid ingredients. There is no need to worry about skin irritation after care. With anti-microbial and anti-infl ammatory activity in Arazyme, the facial cleansing powder will give the best solution for skin problems such as acne, freckles, blotches, etc. After application of Arazyme, you will feel the continuous softness and tenderness due to the eff ect of the ingredients of plant extracts such as grape and Angelica keiskei.

201610cc_page_085_07Blood Power is a health functional dietary supplement for blood circulation with IBT Protease and Glucosaminn ingredients, enhancing physiological states and making blood fl ow smoother, lowering cholesterol, and providing essential fatt y acids to the body. Blood power consists of r-Linolenic acid, ginkgo biloba extract powder, Willow bark extract powder, Coriolus versicolor fruit, EPA/ DHA and IBT Protease which is developed by Insect Biotech.

Blood Power is made with Gamma Linolenic Acid (Evening Primrose oil), which helps generate prostaglandin, making blood fl ow smoother and lowering cholesterol. The product also contains IBT Protease, a protease ingredient only produced by Insect Biotech Co., Ltd., excellent in strengthening digestive power and infl ammation treatments.

It is highly recommended for people with high cholesterol, blood fl ow trouble, etc. or those who wish to prevent or mitigate disorders caused by aging.

Volume 800 mg X 120 capsules (96g) | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods