Finding Beauty-care Solutions in Nature VOVOO KOREA, a natural cosmetics brand specialized in selling products for the scalp, eyebrows via eco-friendly self-development production. The company’s products were made from natural materials and superior ingredients in hair loss prevention and maximize the effi cacy of extracted eyebrow growth products. In particular, a focus on the development progress rapidly due to seborrheic dandruff , which is the main cause of hair loss, irregular eating habits, stress, alcohol and smoking. The product facilitates blood circulation in the scalp quickly and maximizes the eff ect.

Products from Great Nature

201610cc_page_091_14Natural Nutrition Hair Cream Soap is a water-soluble product which is absorbed into pores. The product removes pores of waste and restores the scalp to become healthy. It is hypo-allergenic compared to the product made with chemical ingredient since the former is loaded with natural ingredients only. Natural Nutrition Hair Cream Soap supplies good nourishment to the scalp and hair by supplying nutrients smoothly.

Natural Nutrition Hair Tonic is a scalp-essence made of natural extract ingredients. It keeps scalp healthy, recovers scalp balance and prevents hair loss.

201610cc_page_091_03This product developed for busy modern people, natural ingredient that can satisfy 2 functions with one product without the need to use scalp tonic and styling product separately.

Natural extract ingredient will keep your hair strong and healthy when used consistently since the product provides power to the scalp and hair.

201610cc_page_091_10Natural Nutrition Eye Tonic is an eyelash essence made of natural extract ingredients. This product thickens eyebrows and eyelashes by providing nourishment. With its natural ingredients, the product does not irritate the eyes at all. It can be applied on both eyebrows and eyelashes.

Vovoo Korea tries its best to make natural products with research and eff orts for six years.

The natural products can be used by everybody without burden by using natural ingredients obtained from nature satisfy those who are concerned about hair loss. All employees of Vovoo Korea are putt ing their utmost eff orts into helping customers maintain healthy, shiny and strong hair through products which they make. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods