High-functional 3D Pillow

http://korean-products.com/inquiry We spend about a third of our lives sleeping and we all know that sleep is essential for one’s health. It aff ects overall quality of life. In addition, scientists emphasizes the quality of sleep is much more important than sleeping hours itself.

201610cc_page_103_03So, how can we have a good night’s sleep? NEOPHYSIOTEC Co., Ltd., a Korea-based healthcare item company, answers that question by introducing its NEOPHYSIO Full 3D Antibacterial Pillow. Designed by a neurosurgeon, the new pillow was created by using NEOPHYSIOTEC’ patented technology.

NEOPHYSIO pillow eases the comfort of your spine because it supports your neck’s weight ideally with the full 3D curved-design to fi t your body perfectly.

With the patented design, it helps you maintain a correct sleeping posture and off ers optimized comfort in all of your lying positions by relaxing your spine because the full 3D curved design fi ts your body and supports the weight of your neck and shoulder ideally.

Full 3D Antibacterial Pillow maintains a correct sleeping posture with the patented design and off ers optimized comfort in all of your lying positions by relaxing your spine.

Most of all, it helps maintain the normal C-type curve of your spine, preventing and curing backache with the patented design in any case while you sleep.

It also increases the diameter of the airways, making oxygen fl ow increase. As a result, people can have a deeper sleep and experience fatigue recovery.

The pillow distributes your bodyweight evenly with high density, low elasticity and impact absorber without pressure on your body. As a result, the pillow is helpful for muscle relaxation, a sound sleep and bett er blood circulation.

Additionally, the functional pillow is eff ective in preventing neck wrinkles by not causing any lines around the neck during sleep.

To make a hygienic pillow, the pillow manufacturer used a semi-permanent antibacterial material (99.9%) with the company’s self-developed Physio form. The material prevents the growth of harmful germs and performs a deodorization function. It also uses stimulant-free 100% pure cott on harmless to the human body, which also provides a soft touch feel.

With features such as excellent resilience, deodorization, antibacterial and fl ame-retardant properties, the NEOPHYSIO Full 3D pillow is very suitable for use in public facilities such as hotels and hospitals.


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