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http://korean-products.com/inquiry I2M Co., Ltd. is a Korean company producing att ractive, high-quality design items.

Based on its innovative technological solutions and creative ideas, the company has introduced various concept goods that will spark consumers’ interests such as a nonelectric personal humidifi er, an LED lamp and a tumbler.


201610cc_page_081_06Nanum Dlight Kinetic Lighting is an LED lamp with a transformable lampshade, which is made using diff using PET felt to ensure diff usion of light. The shape of the lampshade can be transformed in 13 diff erent types as the lamp rotates. Due to the characteristics of PET, it hardly collects any dust, and it is possible to be easily cleaned with water. New designs ? circle and polygon have been added.

Recently, the Nanum Dlight Kinetic Lighting won the grand prize at the 80th Tokyo International Gift Show, which was for the fi rst time awarded to a foreign company in the Tokyo show’s history.

Besides, the product was received the IF award, IDEA award, Good Design award (Japan), and it is also certifi ed with FCC, UL, cUL, CE, PSE.

201610cc_page_081_03Nanum Lovepot Humidifi er is a naturally vaporizing non-electronic humidifi er using a fi lter made with felt, which has a feature to absorb water.

You just need to add water and the felt fi lter in a plastic pot. Then, the humidifi er harnessing natural evaporation is ideal for a three square meter space. Due to the characteristics of natural evaporation, the amount of humidifi cation is optically managed according to surroundings’ humidity.

The felt fi lter is also easy to clean and it is treated with antimicrobial coating. You can utilize this item as an aroma diff user by adding aroma oil solution in the water.

It was awarded with IF award, IDEA award, Good Design award, and it is certifi ed with CE-RoHS.

201610cc_page_081_10Nanum Heartea is an interactive tumbler which displays the temperature inside when you touch the bulged part of the tumbler, which symbolizes the human heart.

It received the Reddot Award, IF award, Good Design Award (Japan) and IDEA Award. When touched by the user, the LED on the tumbler’s bulged part displays three diff erent colors according to the inside liquid’s
– Under 35°C: light blue
– 35°C to 75°C: orange
– Over 75°C: red

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