Rubber Fender for the Marine Industry & other Rubber Products

Rubber Fender for the Marine Industry & other Rubber Products Dongil R&C specializes in the design and development of rubber fenders for the marine industry and other rubber products. Since its establishment in 1995, the company has researched, developed, and manufactured a variety of general industrial products, along with other rubber products for construction and civil engineering.

Rubber fender: Among the rubber products for the marine industry in Dongil R&C, the rubber fender is one of the most representative products. Rubber fenders protect ships or harbor facilities by absorbing the impact generated when a ship comes alongside the dock. Dongil R&C is a primary supplier to the domestic market and the company also exports to the Middle East, Russia, Japan, etc.

The rubber fenders of Dongil R&C are available in a variety of types and sizes. They also feature stable quality to fi t to used condition as well as long product life.

The kinds of rubber fender are as follows:
– General fender: OV, CV, TV, SV, SM, BP, Cylindrical
– System fender: Reel, TTV
– Ship fender: D, BC

Special Rubber sheet:
Dongil R&C supplies various types of special rubber sheeting such as cloth- inserted rubber sheet, water proof sheet, fl ame resistant sheet, etc.

Among special rubber sheets, the water proof sheet is a representative one. The demand for this product is on the rise in both domestic and foreign markets.

The waterproof sheet is available for a huge range of temperatures from 30°C below zero~ 80°C above zero. And the product has unique embossed patt erns so that a releasing agent is not needed. Therefore, adhesion work between sheets is easy and this can be used for rubber sheet preventing sliding. This product is mainly applicable to reservoirs, rooftops, roofs, roads, bridges, tunnels, etc.

The details of materials and specifi cations are as follows:
– Material: EPDM
– Specifi cations: 1~ 3 mm thick x 910 ~ 1400 mm wide
* Width of up to 5 m is available

Gas holder seal:
This is installed inside a tank made for gathering gas or dust. By gathering gas or dust, and through its proper drainage, fi re or explosion is prevented, thus ensuring proper safety and that the environment is protected. This product is applicable to waste water treatment plants, steel mills, etc.

Gate seal:
Gate seal is a material or device for preventing leakage, which is installed in the side and bott om of a gate or its top when the gate is submerged in water. It should be abrasion, ozone, and weather resistant with excellent restitution elasticity by using complex reinforced material.

There are a variety of designs specifi cally to meet customers’ diverse requirements. Dongil R&C off ers quick responses on new design and special custom products. The company’s long experiences and its knowhow in the fi eld guarantee stable quality of the product.

Applications: Water gates of dams, lock gates, dock gates, canals, intake and supply gate of waterway | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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