Specialization in Natural Bio Cosmetics

http://korean-products.com/inquiry Swanicoco Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005 with its CEO Seong Chun-seon starting to make hand-made soap at home for his family who had sensitive skin with atopy.

Swanicoco is a natural bio brand made to safely take care of customers’ skin with bio technology developed through long research on natural extracts. It is specialized in manufacturing hypoallergenic products that contain only natural vegetable ingredients, not harmful ingredients or chemical preservatives, to safely take care of skin health.

Also, its products contain naturally fermented extracts instead of purifi ed water, which helps with skin improvement and moisture preservation.


According to Rankey.com, Swanicoco Co., Ltd. has been a leader in the fi eld of natural cosmetics from 2014 to 2016 in Korea. It also acquired a patent No. 10-1611134 so the brand value has been fi rmly established with safety and functionality.

Representative Products that Went Completely Sold Out
201610cc_page_075_15 Swanicoco’s most representative product, Vita Triple Cover Swan CC Pact, comes in white / black and was sold out completely during its fi rst launch. Its popularity lies with fact that this CC cushion can help with skincare and makeup at the same time. Vita Triple Cover Swan CC Pact is available according to customers’ skin types, white for dry skin and black for oily skin. It contains various vegetable extracts such as fi ltered yeast fermentation so it can make your skin healthy and protect it from external harmful factors while realizing sparking skin surface that preserves moisture. Its SPF, sun protection factor, is 30/PA++ so it can cover and block ultraviolet rays throughout four seasons with its functionality.
201610cc_page_075_03Swanicoco’s fermentation care line is another popular product line that contains brightening functionality with wild ginseng nutrient solution, fermentation extracts and EGF, a Nobel Prize winning regeneration catalyst factor.

With natural vegetable ingredients and their contents increased, its products are pure and skin-friendly so they can be absorbed fast and stay moisturized with nourishing fi nish. It is highly recommended for dry, aging and sensitive skin, especially for those who are in their late twenties and older as the line is designed for them as premium basic products.

201610cc_page_075_10Gold Plant Stem Pure Ampoule has excellent eff ects with skin cleansing and improvement by giving high nutrition vitality energy to skin. It contains extracts of wild ginseng cultivation roots, gold fermentation dissolution fi ltered water, and gold itself so it forms solid external layers that prevent loss of moisture and with that moisture preservation, it can help keep skin moisturized and smooth.


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