Baby Fabric Softeners Baby Laundry & Baby Goods Detergents Keumgang Silicone Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in silicone products including antifoamers, release agents, water-repelling agents and industrial coating agents, and home-use items such as bleaching agents, fabric softeners and laundry detergents.

Since 1985, the company has been involved in siliconerelated businesses, supplying products to major companies in Korea like Aekyung, LG Chemicals and Doosan Electronics.

Since 1997, when the company built its own silicone factory, it has directly produced and supplied its clients with top-quality silicone products such as industrial antifoamers, food additive antifoamers, fabric softeners, plastic & rubber release agents, lubricants for cosmetics, polishes for cars, water-repelling agents for buildings, and other industrial coating agents under the brand name of SILTE. In addition, based on the experience accumulated over many years, it entered the market of industrial detergents (I&I detergents) in 2003, and lunched its brand of Turbo Clean Series, which consists of 11 products such as laundry detergents, oxygen bleaching agents, fabric softeners, and detergent additives.

In addition, the company has recently launched Cleanus, a brand for various everyday products in 20 categories, represented especially by household laundry detergents and dishwasher detergents.

201611cc_page_34_10Fabric Softener for Baby Clothes 
This is a fabric softener for the sensitive and tender skin of babies.
The cation surfactant and extracts of natural vegetables are used to maximize the antistatic eff ect. It causes no stimulation to the skin by containing patented composite for fabric treatment agent preventing atopic dermatitis. Containing complex anti-bacterial ingredient, it restrains the propagation of germs on the clothes. Using mild natural materials, it provides a softer feel to the clothes.
Volume: 1200ml


201611cc_page_34_03SILIAN Liquid Baby Laundry Detergent

This laundry detergent was developed for a baby’s tender and sensitive skin. It has excellent washing ability even if a small amount of it is used. And it is also safe for the body, because it leaves no residue behind. And it hardly stimulates the sensitive and weak baby’s tender and sensitive skin.
Containing complex anti-bacterial ingredient, it restrains the propagation of germs on the clothes. Its excellent solubility makes the clothes be washed after rinsing.
Volume: 1200ml


201611cc_page_34_07Detergent for Baby Goods
This detergent is for the tender and sensitive skin of babies. It is a type-1 detergent containing patented ingredient. It has excellent washing ability even if a small amount is used.
It is a safe and non-toxic detergent using food additives as a main ingredient. It also has outstanding sterilizing and antibacterial eff ects by using grapefruit seed extract. The citrate in the detergent helps remove smell as well.
Volume: 300ml
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