Beauty-care Devices [INQ. NO. 1611C13] CHAMMEDICS Co., Ltd. mainly provides various kinds of medical devices including hyaluronic acid injector, PDO thread, neuramis filler and electronic surgery unit as well as the following beauty care items:




201611cc_page_25_03 < Bellezza > Real PLLA filler: It uses special processing techniques in Switzerland to make particle size smaller so absorption rate can be increased. The content of CMC active ingredients is much higher. So it can show more natural result and longer maintenance period.

201611cc_page_25_06< LIPOPI-C >: It is the only fat decomposition solution certificated as a medicine in Korea. LIPOPI-C (Phosphatidylcholine) decomposes the fat cells so that it cab make it easy to throw out them from the body. By doing so, it helps prevent skin-aging and brighten the skin tone.


201611cc_page_25_08 < Boto-Skin S >: It is a portable and small-sized device, but it demonstrates excellent lifting effect. By stimulating the skin layer, collagen is regenerated in dermis, while wrinkle & whitening treatment take place simultaneously.
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