Bugak: Korean Crisps

http://korean-products.com/inquiry [INQ. NO. 1611C17] Utilizing the special recipe preserving fresh taste and nutrition of the original ingredients, the vegetable and seaweed chips from Sky Bio Co., Ltd. have materialized the wisdom of Korean ancestors for a healthier diet. Bugak was one of the 12 official side dishes that were served on the king’s dinner table. Sky Bio Co., Ltd. has inherited the time-honored culinary tradition, ‘Bugak’ and developed its own vegetable & seaweed chips under its brand name of Oh Hee-sook’s Bugak, contributing to popularizing the true taste of traditional Korean food all over the world.

Oh Hee-sook’s Bugak is manufactured by Korean Food Master No. 25, Ms. Oh Heesook.

Based on her recipe, we have tried to restore and develop Bugak for the past 30 years, and have obtained 10 patents for Bugak products. Our patented snack coating techniques have greatly enhanced the flavor of our Vegan Natural Chips. We guarantee a stable supply based on our automated production line built exclusively for export goods.

We are offering around 20 types of products using various natural ingredients such as laver, sea mustard, kelp, pepper, burdock, lotus root, zucchini, carrot, ginseng and ginger.

Vegan Crisps: Healthy food, Gluten-free, Low Calorie, Non GMO, No MSG, No Trans Fat, Cholesterol Free Flavors: Sea salt, Barbecue, Onion, Jalapeno, etc.



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