Enhancing Value of Korea Traditional Korean Teas

http://korean-products.com/inquirySince its establishment in 2009 in Namwon City, in Korea’s North Jeolla Province, Miwami Company has inherited and consistently developed traditional Korean teas with the aim of developing overseas markets as well as creating added value for agricultural products of Korea.

Hence, the company exports citron tea, ginger tea, jujube tea, apple tea, black raspberry tea and pear tea, among various other teas, to overseas markets, while developing a variety of new products such as liquid teas, jams, sauces, etc. based on its exclusive technological know-how. In order to meet the growing demands of customers and to realize the highest quality of products, all of its employees will continue to make every eff ort to exceed customers’ expectations.

Honey Citron Tea is made of fresh citron grown on Geoje Island and in Gohung in Korea, so you will enjoy sweet and sour taste of citron. High amounts of organic matt ers in citron have been eff ective in preventing colds and coughs, as well as helping to relieve fatigue.

Honey Jujube Tea, made by using Korean-grown jujube, has a unique taste and delicate fl avor of jujube fruit. Jujube is known to remove oxygen free radicals in the body and boost anti-aging activity as well as preventing colds and coughs.

With the soft fl esh of lemon, you can enjoy the unique taste and fl avor of Honey Lemon Tea. The high amount of vitamin C in lemon has been highly eff ective in relieving fatigue, cold and coughs.

Honey Ginger Tea, made by using high-quality domestic ginger, is a traditional tea of Korea in which the delicate fl avor of ginger is preserved. Particularly, ginger has been eff ective in preventing colds and coughs as well as improving blood circulation and bowel movements.

Bringing Great Tastes of Korean Traditional Teas to the World
With the pride of inheriting traditional tea of Korea, Miwami Company have played a leading role in the popularization of Korean teas and resulted in an increase in sales volume in this fi eld. In response to people’s growing interest in health matt ers, since 2009, we have made a marketing strategy for developing health functional food products aiming at the global market as well as having the world may know the excellence of traditional teas of Korea.

In September 2009, the company obtained a venture business certifi cate from the Korea Technology Finance Corporation. In May 2010, the company successfully exported its products to Hong Kong, China and Taiwan among other countries. In April 2011, the company acquired a Halal food certifi cate. In March 2012, Miwami was registered with the FDA.

In 2015, Miwami Company acquired quality and safety certifi cations such as ISO22000:2005 and HACCP. And the company established an in-house R&D center to enhance its core competence and to continuously develop new products in the markets. Successfully exporting to 15 countries in the fi ercely competitive global markets, Miwami is contributing to promoting Korean tea globally.

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