Fermented Functional Cosmetics for Couples

https://korean-products.com/inquiry [INQ. NO. 1611C04] Cheong Chuun Yeee Chan is a unisexual functional cosmetic product that can be used by both men and women. Niacinamide with Adenosine in the contents of the functional cosmetics will make your skin brighter and remove wrinkles removed effectively. The KFDA-approved for whitening and anti-aging cosmetics consists of two products ? SKENCE (skin toner + essence in one) and CLOTION (cream + lotion in one). It is a natural cosmetic free from chemical color, silicone oils and Paraben.

Utilizing unique technology inspired by fermented Korean herbal ingredients, this natural cosmetics product made in Korea is formulated to provide nourishment, moisture and skin-balancing without any skin stimulus, making your skin healthier, flawless, and younger looking.

In particular, the many benefits of Cheong Chuun Yeee Chan lie in the fermenting process. By fermenting natural ingredients, microorganisms break down the active ingredients, making them more easily absorbed into the skin.

Through the fermenting process, the cosmetic develops active ingredients such as amino acids, and antioxidant materials, thereby moisturizing the skin and building much stronger skin protection. Various nutrient elements of the Cheong Chuun Yeee Chan also help the skin to arrange skin texture and to remove the dead skin cells.

And it has a light and delicate pheromone-like neutral scent that helps appeals to the opposite sex.


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