Hair Cosmetics & Skin Care Products Founded in 2002, SAEROM COSMETICS Co., Ltd. is one of Korea’s most reputable manufacturers of professional hair cosmetics and natural body care products. It is also expanding its business scope to include making homecare hair cosmetics and basic skincare products. The company has established an effi cient and stable management system in compliance with ISO and GMP standards for reliable quality of production under the strong leadership of the company’s CEO. Its haircare products are being recognized as top quality by many customers in Korea, with sales increasing by 20 to 30 percent almost every year. It has also been successfully advancing into the global market including the USA, China, Mongolia and Southeast Asian countries.

201611cc_page_35_03Pyeonan 5 Min. Speed Hair Color
This shampoo-type hair coloring to hide gray hairs is made by using natural extracts (such as brown alga, licorice, calendula, green tea, mulberry, sage, ginseng, iris, cnidium, aloe vera, peony, henna, parsley, rosemary, grapefruit and mugwort) to keep the hair and the scalp healthy and shiny. Even if the hair is dyed for short time, it is gentle on the hair and the scalp. The vivid hair dye will help your hair to get a lovely color. And, the compact and lightweight design makes it easy carry and to store. As it is possible to dye easily using only one pouch, it is very convenient.

201611cc_page_35_10LUVSKIN Magnetic Aqua White Mask
The mask pack features dual functionality ? anti-aging and whitening. Totally free from benzophenone, artifi cial dyes, mineral oil and talc, it is formulated with active ingredients such as witch hazel extract, aloe vera leaves extract, hyaluronic acid, portulaca extract and pearl ? all of which are highly eff ective for removing wrinkles and brightening the skin tone.

In particular, the mask pack helps improve the blood circulation on the face since fl owing stream by cross distribution from north to south meridians immediately aff ects the skin. Thereby, functional nutritional contents in the mask pack are bett er absorbed into the skin, restoring the clear skin tone and skin elasticity.

It also helps activate hemoglobin function in the blood by magnetic fi eld, thereby alleviating various skin troubles.

201611cc_page_35_06Flower Puffi ng Essence (3 types) for Hair
Flower Puffi ng Essence is a hair essence consisting of the following three types products for diff erent functions such as shiny hair, heat protection and elasticity enhancement.

– The Flower Puffi ng Essence (amaranth) of silky feeling makes dry hair elastic, shiny and soft by being deeply permeated into the hair.

– The Flower Puffi ng Essence (mums) is formulated to protect damaged hair and restore the oil/water balance of the hair, keeping the hair healthy and strong. Particularly, it will protect hair damage from heat hair equipment and help keep moisture from evaporating by coating the hair strand by strand.

– The Flower Puffi ng Essence (statice) contains plenty of vegetable-based ingredients to provide nutrition to hair. Its silk, keratin, collagen protein ingredients helps form hair protective fi lm, changing the damaged hair to healthy and elastic hair. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods