Health-Functional Foods Bionutrigen Co., Ltd., organized by scientists from the Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology located in Daedeok Biovalley in South Korea, is engaged in developing and manufacturing natural liver health food ingredients, heart health food ingredients, fat-cleaning food ingredients, and skin beauty food ingredient formulations with natural biofl avonoids, phenolics, vitamins, minerals, biofi bers extracted from vegetables, fruits and herbs.

It has lately launched slimming foods, liver supplements and nature’s energizer useful for liver health and alcohol detoxifi cation. It contains no caff eine and no sugar made with natural food JBB20 which is extracted from fruits and vegetables. Its liver supplement and nature’s energizers are exported to the EU, Russia, China, and North America.

201611cc_page_44_06JBB20 is a natural substance useful for boosting resistance against various liver diseases such as fatt y liver and it can be used for manufacturing various kinds of foods, beverages and food medicines as well as beauty-care foods. Especially, it is useful for recovering from alcoholic and non-alcoholic fatt y liver with excellent liver detoxifi cation action. It is a worldclass advanced bio-substance whose clinical tests as a liver function improvement food was completed in the EU. Raw material technology for liver health improvement food is unique in the world nowadays.

201611cc_page_44_11Slim&Slim is a diet food substance without any side eff ects and has a broad range of advantages such as enhancing beautiful body shape, etc. It is an advanced anti-obesity substance technology having the most excellent academic backing (anti-obesity hamburger report, theses, patent data, etc.) out of the food-originated obesity prevention substances known today. It has competitiveness edges such as price competitiveness with low production process cost, and easy mass-production. It is an advanced bio-material technology to help obesity, cardiovascular health, glucose metabolism, etc. In addition, Slim&Slim is a useful substance to reduce body fat, cholesterol, neutral fat, LDL, etc. It can be added to a lot of foods and beverages to manufacture health foods, beverages, and food medicines.

It is used as an ingredient for obesity prevention foods, beauty foods, etc. Raw material technology for food type anti-obesity food and medicine is unique in the world now.

201611cc_page_44_03Fatclean meal contains essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, etc. for your body. For this reason, Fatclean meal can help you to lose weight the healthy way. Other diet options such as skipping meals or one food diet results in a lack of essential nutrients.

Patented, natural material, Gojiberry Fatcleanser, used in the production of Fatclean meals helps makes your skin and body healthy and beautiful through good fat metabolism. The Gojiberry Fatcleanser was developed to off er nutrition which is benefi cial to body fat metabolism.

Gojiberry Fatcleanser is the anti-obesity ingredient extracted from vegetables, fruits, herbs such as Gojiberry.

Taking Fatclean meal 1~3 times daily instead of a general meal is helpful for promoting whole body metabolism and skincare as well as losing weight eff ectively. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods