Impressing Customers with Sincerity TECH CO., Ltd. is equipped with the best technology, and always strives to constantly challenge the development of new products. The Company’s product line covers various rubber products (extrusion products and press products) and synthetic resin products (products extruded and injection products) and overall other like products. The Company has achieved the standardization and stabilization pursuant to ISO 9001 and SQ Quality Manual and adopted the automation of its engineering process and new manufacturing technologies, thereby establishing a quality assurance system such as stable supply system.

DAEYANG TECH CO., Ltd. is a company that acquired ISO9001 and SQ certifi ed by Hyundai ● Kia Motors. The Company has all products managed by the Quality Manual, and holds its own capacity to design all the rubber products and synthetic resin products all the industries need. Also, it is fully equipped with the experience and expertise for on-site production customized designs and for the full production of any customized orders.

The main product line of DAEYANG TECH CO., Ltd cean Tech is as follows.

– Various rubber products and synthetic resin products: The Company manufactures products by utilizing various rubber products such as EPDM, SILICONE, NR, NBR, CR, PU, fl uorine rubber and by using various synthetic resin products such as ELASTOMER, PA, PVC, PE, PP, ABS, ASA, and EVA.

– Various WEATHER STRIP for automobiles: Auto glass for the purpose of internal and external decoration, insulation, waterproof, windproof and dustproof – GASKET for the purpose of construction: GASKET for the purpose of construction, building, and (including CURTAIN WALL) that have sound insulation, waterproof, windproof and `dustproof.

– Industrial machinery: as the parts of industrial machinery, for the purpose of leakage-proof and dustproof function – overall production of the parts of other electric, electronic, medical, and home-purpose appliances
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