Kids’ Play Mat Featuring Excellent Cushioning and Resistance against Shock & Sound Alzipmat’s Color Folder is totally free from any toxic materials, which means that is requires no washing process.

In addition, it is manufactured by using safe and environmentally friendly materials like PU and PE foam are mainly used for children’s health and safety. It is a transformable mat that can be changed into a couch, play mat, play desk and play tunnel.

Bumper Poom, made by using safe and environmentally friendly materials such as PU and PE foam, it can be used for all young kids, from newborn babies to children. It is easy to transform into multiple structures such as bumper bed, play mat, couch and ball pool.


JWorld Industry Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer and supplier of play mats and safety items for kids’ playrooms in Korea. Since the company was founded in 2010, it has been dedicated to designing and manufacturing a wide range of designs of indoor play mats under its brand name of “Alzipmat.” Well-known for the strong resilience and durability, the Alzipmat applying its patented unique structure called egg plate-shape has become a household name for Korean parents with young kids.

Thanks to multi-layer cushions and the patented unique egg plate-shape structure, Alzipmat play mat works as an excellent shock absorber and a comfortable cushion, protecting children from injury. In addition, the egg plateshaped structure provides optimum protection against shock and noise through maximized elastic cushioning which buff ers and absorbs the shock and sound. Therefore, the Alzipmat play mat helps eliminate interlayer noise in an apartment home, even if children are freely jumping around and playing on the mat.


JWorld Industry continues its eff orts to improve the quality to off er maximum safety for children. The company has lately established its own in-house color institute to research and study further colors to fi t kids, applying them to its products.

In addition, all of the products are carefully designed and made by using safe and non-toxic materials. For children’s health, non-toxic and eco-friendly PU material is used for the external material and highly-elastic and safe PE foam is used for inner cushion. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods