Natural Color-based Food Additives JSM Food is a professional food ingredient company focusing on natural color-based food additives. Our company has extensive sales networks in Korea’s food industry, doing business with about 300 major and midsized food companies. As a global company, JSM Food has recently launched a new brand, “Cafe Estrella,” in a bid to take the lead in the rapidly growing dessert market by off ering various new kinds of desserts and cafe drinks to customers.

Based on the request of HMR market (Home meal replacement) which is the latest trend, JSM Food’s R&D center is engaged in product development with the focus on development and stabilizing of new products such as HMR product, specifi ed natural color, emulsion color, fl avor, emulsifi er and stabilizer, preservative and functional ingredients, etc.

From Now on, JSM Food would like to supply various customized services for food to all of our customers in the world. We promise to manage our customers’ health and taste with top priority of food safety. We will supply our customers with the best custom made service with accumulated technology and know-how.

201611cc_page_46_10High Cloudy Color
High cloudy color is an insoluble nano-micro sized pigment that can block light infi ltration with its widely maximized surface. It is a specifi ed natural color that is scatt ered as colloid in water.
– Block the light penetration with high cloudy color
– Keep the material stable against degradation by light
– Block the light without using the artifi cial color titanium
– Have more excellent light stability than other similar colors that are dissolved in solvent

Ultra-Particle-Sized Color
Sky Color is specifi ed for archiving various combinations of diff erent colors without using a solvent.
– Color functions without dissolution in water – Drying process is not required for tablet or powder products.
– Small addition of coloring agent enables to express a purposed color tone – Good dispersibility improving confl ict between particles.
– Color particles are distributed evenly to applied product and there is no separation of particles or smearing.

201611cc_page_46_03Lac Color for Beverage
Lac Color is very similar to Cochineal color. It has good solubility, light stability and heat stability.

Cafe Powder
Estrella’s series contain plenty of vitamins and fi ber that can att ract customers’ tastes and enhance their health. What’s more, customers can make delicious cafe beverages and desserts easily at home.
Estrella develops healthy and delicious dessert products to meet its various customers’ tastes.
Customers can feel the att raction for Estrella’s dessert which is special and delicious compared with other desserts.
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