Naturalistic Skincare Brand from Jeju Island HELIOS is a Korean cosmetics company specializing in the development, production and sale of spa & cosmeceutical products and home skincare products. In close collaboration with spas, beauty care centers and dermatology clinics, it is providing a wide range of products.



201611cc_page_41_03 In particular, HELIOS, based in Jeju Island, renowned for having one of the richest and the most uncontaminated natural resource environments in South Korea, focuses on naturalistic skincare products using diverse natural ingredients native to Jeju Island under its own brand name, “KEEP.” Its main items include a basic skincare line, baby bubble cleanser, moistened tissues, natural soaps, Jeju lava water bath powder and Jeju lava water body scrub. These products are widely available in the KEEP brand shops, as well as duty-free outlets such as Lott e and Shilla on Jeju.


“KEEP” Basic Skincare Line
It does not contain these fi ve harmful ingredients – paraben, mineral oil, artifi cial fl avors, artifi cial colors and ethanol cosmetics. It is made by using active ingredients found in nature.
It consists of the following diff erent products, namely: skin toner, emulsion, cleansing oil, berries & herb facial foam, revitalizing essence, whitening essence, aqua balloon essence, aqua balancing mist, revitalizing magic cream, whitening master cream, aqua balloon bomb, aqua volume eye cream, intensive recover cream, CC cream, powdery magic multi BB, and UV multi-protection cream.


201611cc_page_41_06“KEEP” Natural Intensive Recover Cream
This is an anti-wrinkle functional cosmetics and stretch-mark cream.
It contains Jeju sargassum muticum and organic cypress tree leaf extract, which is eff ective in soothing skin irritated by pregnancy, growth spurt, etc. It helps make the skin smooth by providing skin with nourishment and moisture.



201611cc_page_41_11Baby “KEEP” Natural Bubble Cleanser
This baby bubble cleanser is a hypoallergenic body cleanser that protects and moisturizes a baby’s sensitive skin.
It contains Jeju’s organic cypress tree leaf, known for excellent antibacterial and anti-infl ammatory eff ect, and sargassum extract, which is eff ective in providing a baby’s skin with nourishment and moisture.



201611cc_page_41_17“KEEP” Natural Soap
This is a dechlorinating natural herb soap that will remove the residual chlorine while cleansing your face or body. It contains natural ingredients of herb plants cultivated in clean Jeju in an eco-friendly way, and quality natural materials and vitamins cultivated in Jeju magma seawater. In addition, ethanol, PG, sugar, TEA and preservatives are not added at all in manufacturing the product. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods