Nutritionally-fortified, Functional Rice “Chalbi Nutrition Rice” [INQ. NO. 1611C27] Chalbi Nutrition Rice is a product made after grinding and mixing various healthy agricultural products with rice, grown with clean water, and wind and sunshine of the Chalbi valley of the Jagul mountain range in Uiryeong of Korea. It will be a nutritional, healthy diet for infants and children as well as a good option for lunch box of the school, corporation, military and baby food. You can choose your preferred rice among following diverse colorful Nutrition Rice products.

Chalbi Purple Sweet Potato Nutrition Rice
Suppressing/neutralizing free radicals, a cause of aging (Anthocyanin)
Preventing various adult diseases and cancers

Chalbi Turmeric Nutrition Rice
Improvement in liver function (liver detoxification)
– Preventing high blood pressure·vessel diseases

Chalbi Seaweed Nutrition Rice
Detoxifying the body
Preventing anemia·constipation with rich dietary fiber (Alginic acid)
Containing Iodine (preventing thyroid lesion)

Chalbi Tomato Nutrition Rice
‘Tomato is world’s top 10 superfoods.
Preventing osteoporosis (Vitamin K),
prostatic cancer, breast cancer and cancer of digestive system

Chalbi Codonopsis Lanceolata·Kudzu Nutrition Rice
– Relieving bronchitis·asthma·coughs (saponin)
– Smooth pulmonary function
– Relieving high fever·headache·high blood pressure·diarrhea·tinnitus symptoms
– Effect of reducing the symptoms of menopause (phytoestrogen)
– Detoxifying heavy metal (polyphenol)
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