Portable Hydrogen Water Maker

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It is a portable hydrogen water maker that anyone can easily use with one touch. Compared to other manufacturers, hydrogen water beverage is completed prett y quickly, just in 3 minutes, and high concentration of dissolved hydrogen is another benefi t. Built-in mineral cap acts to replenish minerals in water and remove odor. Due to small water particles in hydrogen water, it has much higher penetration rate into human body compared to normal water.

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SUSOSU Plus-s is a portable hydrogen water maker that anyone can easily use with one touch. Hydrogen water removes free oxygen radicals from your body. It accelerates metabolism and boosts immune system.
– Hydrogen water beverage is completed in just 3 minutes!
– One batt ery charge lasts up to 40 uses
– With USB cable, charging is simply done any time, anywhere.
– Uses micro 5-pin cellphone charger
– Less than 5V power consumption
– Electrode protection is provided with self-cleaning function (no electrolyte precipitation on electrode)
– Uses highest-quality platinum electrode developed by the company

201610cc_page_072_05SUSOSU bottle
This is a portable alkali water bott le that can turn water into fi ltered or alkaline water. The alkaline water helps protect your liver from harmful eff ects by alcohol or nicotine, and accelerate metabolism and boosts immune system.
Furthermore, the alkaline water replenishes essential minerals such as calcium or magnesium.

As SUSOSU bott le is 100% BPAfree product, you don’t need to worry about BPA.

Magiccos Co., Ltd., which as began as a cosmetic container manufacturer in 2006, has supplied containers and fi nished cosmetics to leading cosmetics makers in Korea including Somang Cosmetics, Cosmax, and Kolmar.

201610cc_page_072_03Under the corporate management philosophy pursing ‘human-centered, nature-centered and socially responsible corporation,’ Magiccos has developed and produced new products related to water, the most important resource for people with the mott o: achieving greenness and saving natural resources.

Magic Water from Magiccos is a practical, economical and eco-friendly water purifi er and softener. It has a direct water-type DIY fi lter for purifi ed and softened water and it allows anyone to easily choose, install, use, and replace the fi lter instead of replacing a water purifi er or softener itself.

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