Probiotics Product Containing Fructo-oligo-saccharides (FOS) Dr. G. Synbiotics is a probiotics product for intestinal health of the whole family. It is a double functional health food that contains probiotics, which is isolated from a healthy human body and is eff ective for facilitating lactobacillus growth and controlling harmful bacteria in the intestinal tract. Moreover, it contains Fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS), which feed the probiotics as well.

201611cc_page_39_03Founded in 1999, BIFIDO Co., Ltd. has been advancing to become a leading functional health food, focusing on basic research and product development using probiotics.

Among the various probiotics, Bifi dobacterium is considered to be the most benefi cial microorganism for the maintenance of microbial balance in the intestinal tract.

Nowadays Bifi dobacterium and other lactic acid bacteria are being applied widely in functional foods. Especially, BIFIDO is leading in the development of health-promoting Bifi dobacterium.

Business Area
BIFIDO produces raw materials of various probiotics and fermented ginseng by its own technology, and manufactures fi nished product of ZIGUNUK brand and OEM/ODM products. To extend the application of probiotics into our daily lives, the company is always striving to be at the leading edge on probiotics health food area.

BIFIDO is providing high-quality products and raw materials, which are being sold in more than 10 countries all over the world. With its excellent quality and technical skills, BIFIDO is steadily expanding markets into Southeast Asia, America, and Europe as well.

Research & Development Ji, Geun Eog CEO of BIFIDO Co. Ltd. is a professor of Food and Nutrition at Seoul National University.

He performed researches on probiotics over 30 years ever since his PhD course at Louisiana State University and Post Doc at Stanford University. Currently, he is a worldrenowned researcher concentrating in the area of intestinal microorganisms and Bifi dobacteria. His lab at Seoul National University was designated as the National Research Lab in the area of probiotics. National Research Laboratory is designated to a research team possessing technology with an international competitive edge and sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology to perform major national projects for 10 years.

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