Red Clay Ceramic Coated Sheet [INQ. NO. 1611C20] Since Sungchang Industry Co was founded as a special coating company in 2004, the company has been supplying various components with a broad range of custom-request coating materials including Teflon, ceramic, molybdenum, etc., for vehicles, industrial machinery and household goods. Its primary clients include ElringKlinger Korea, Daewon Kang Up Co., Ltd., Unick Corporation and other leading Korean companies.
Utilizing the technical know-how that it has accumulated in the coating field, Sungchang has launched red clay ceramic coated sheet following three years of R&D efforts.

The company’s patented red clay ceramic coated sheet is the world’s first of its kind. It can be used instead of a frying pan to cook all kinds of foods such as meat, vegetables, and seafood at home, and in restaurants and outdoors. Unlike the kitchen aluminum foil that produces harmful heavy metals when being heated, this new red clay ceramic coated sheet is safe for humans and the environment without generating any toxic substance. In addition, far-infrared radiation generated from ceramic helps cook any kind of food evenly and deliciously. This is an innovative and perfect item for people pursing the pleasures of cooking and convenience simultaneously.
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