Skin Booster Drug Delivery System “BellaVita” Injector & Hyaluronic Fillers [INQ. NO. 1611C10] Skin Booster Drug Delivery System “BellaVita” Injector – Customized treatment: with three options of filler, solution and filler+solution, it is possible to adjust injector machine by choices of contents. BellaVita injector can be used as tailored treatment by adjustable and customizable options to inject exact depths and volumes.
201611cc_page_23_10– Needle with connectable filter: disposable suction filter can be coupled with multi needle (to prevent inflow of foreign objects) for sanitary treatment process.
– Minimized drug loss: to minimize drug loss, a new technical program is applied and to have stronger torque and enhanced tolerance, the motor is upgraded by applying an environmental BLDC motor on a BellaVita injector.
– Vacuum control: by low noise and high vacuum pressure design, it is quieter and less bleeding compared to other injectors.
– Simplicity of use: increased main body LCD screen to enlarge additional functions to be used at the screen and reduced operation buttons at the gun to enhance convenience of surgical procedure.

BellaVita Fillers
BellaVita fillers are facial fillers that were developed as suitable for human skin tissues.
They are high-density and high-quality hyaluronic fillers with high viscoelasticity. Thus, the effectiveness of wrinkle improvement and longevity is outstanding.
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