Bio, Medical and Cosmetics Manufacturer Pursuing Innovative Technology for Practical Products based on Unique Ideas U-BioMed Inc., as a Bio, Medical and Cosmetics Manufacturer, pursues innovative technology aimed at the development of practical products based on unique ideas.

Main products include “Tappy Tok-Tok”, a direct solution delivery device with no pain, which has acquired FDA, CE, ISO 13485, KFDA, GMP and patents.

“ReGenAf’ is a functional cosmetic brand for antiwrinkle, anti-aging, whitening, rejuvenation and etc.

“Stlong” is a hair and scalp care solution for preventing hair loss and promoting regrowth.



Tappy Tok-Tok, Tappy FGF Package and Tappy Stlong Hair Ampoule
201612cc_page_051_09Tappy Tok-Tok is a painless MTS device which delivers drugs very eff ectively. Its micro needle stimulates the skin to promote skin regeneration so that collagen is created. It is painless because the micro needle is as thin as a hair and causes no allergy with gold plating. Spiral groove is emplaced on the micro needle so as soon as the skin is penetrated, the solution is delivered into skin through Spiral groove. The needle is divided into medical (0.60mm) and home care (0.25mm) purposes. They can be used with various solutions for skin and scalp improvement.

Tappy FGF package is a total skin care solution kit. It is comprised of 1 Tappy Tok-Tok 250S, FGF & EGF ampoule, 1.5ml x 8 each, Nano Platinum ampoule, 1.5ml x 8 each and ReGenAf mask pack, 2 boxes (8 sheets). The FGF & EGF ampoule is an enriched ampoule for pigmentation, blemish care, anti-wrinkle, anti-aging and rejuvenation. Nano Platinum ampoule is enriched ampoule for whitening, anti-aging and elasticity. ReGenAf mask pack is tested by dermatologists and 100% hydrogel mask pack with natural substances, EGF and gold as main ingredients. It is good for skin brightening, anti-wrinkle and soothing eff ects.


Tappy Stlong hair ampoule is comprised of 1 Tappy Tok-Tok 250S, Stlong hair ampoules (4 each) and eyebrows (2 each).
Stlong ampoule is eff ective for strengthening hair roots, with Ginseng, Green Tea and Oriental Herbal ingredients, preventing hair loss or increasing thickness of hair. Eyebrow is a product designed for eyebrow and scalp care. It can be used anywhere as it is easy to carry around. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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