Ceramic Tableware

http://korean-products.com/inquiryErato Co., Ltd. is drawing att ention for the reliable quality and unique design of its ceramic tableware among Korean consumers.

Erato is a Korean ceramics company that has devoted its eff orts to the development, production and distribution of high-quality ceramic tableware for the past 20 years. Under the management philosophy of providing the best quality & service and creative design, it is striving to realize customer satisfaction. For bett er service, the company has about 3,305.8 square meters of warehouse. It also spares no eff orts in manufacturing and supplying unique and original designs.

On that basis, Erato provides a wide selection of ceramic tableware, mugs and living items under its main brands, “Torang” and “Montana.” Torang is inspired by traditional Korean-style ceramic and modernized sense. And, the Montana is appealing to consumers with its simple and classy design.


Sett ing apart from the stereotyped, uniform designs from mass-produced large manufacturers, all products of Erato are based on original designs that customers love and practicality that can be enjoyed on a daily basis.


In the pursuit of making unique modern ceramics, it is trying to off er happiness, joy and fun with all of its products for valued customers, with its slogan, “Putt ing in Love.”

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