Fermented Brown Rice

http://korean-products.com/inquiry [INQ. NO. 1612C05] Brown rice contains plenty of nutrients – linoleic acid, gamma oryzanol, dietary fiber, GABA, magnesium and vitamin E – providing numerous health benefits. Specifically, it helps prevent arteriosclerosis (linoleic acid) and slow down aging (gamma oryzanol), control blood sugar levels (GABA) and prevent constipation (dietary fiber). The brown rice also has diet effects (dietary fiber), and it is good for the skin (vitamin E) as well as stress relief (magnesium).

201612cc_page_023_03However, despite its proven nutritional value, some people still associate brown rice with digestion problems.

Thus, Gangsung Bio Co., Ltd. has developed an entirely different type of brown rice with enhanced nutrition, through a mineral fermentation process involving more than 20 plants so that consumers can enjoy the highly nutritious brown rice without the digestion problems sometimes associated with ordinary brown rice. Thanks to the fermentation process, this new fermented brown rice has a smooth texture that brown rice does not originally have. By adding nutrients from more than 20 different plants (carrot, red ginseng, beet, sweet pumpkin, green tea, purple sweet potato, etc.) to the nutritional effects of brown rice, essential nutrients for the body can be supplemented. In addition, digestion and the texture of brown rice have been improved through this fermentation process.

Process of making fermented brown rice: Highly nutritious Korean brown rice is slowly fermented over a long period of time with more than 20 plants in powdered form. The addition of more than 20 plants during the fermentation process naturally creates three colors that stimulate one’s appetite.

Unlike rice that is simply coated, the contents of more than 20 plants are deeply absorbed by the brown rice, leading to coloration that does not change even when washed.

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