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http://korean-products.com/inquiryNutribiotech was established in 2002 as the fi rst health functional food marketing consulting company in Korea with a mission of “bringing health life and happiness to our customers.” In June 2007, the company opened an R&D center and a cutt ing edge automated factory which is the largest in Korea. The company obtained NSF and GMP certifi cates for the fi rst time in the industry. As an ODM/ OBM-specialized company, Nutribiotech provides a onestop process through its fi rst-class facilities and rich experience from product planning to production.

Hot Body 3 Set (Grain, Green Tea and Cookies) is for those who want healthy diets, suff er from signifi cant changes in weight due to having meals irregularly, busy company workers who skip breakfast, mentally and physically tired due to repeat diets and those who do not lose weight despite steady diets.
Hot Body Grain features a calorie and nutrition balance diet. This product contains no synthetic preservatives, no synthetic coloring agent and no synthetic sweeteners.

People can take in nutrients (carbohydrates + protein + fat + vitamins + minerals) and a variety of dietary fi ber by eating Hot Body Grain.

Hot Body Green Tea is loaded with green tea elements with catechin and vitamins which have an antioxidant eff ect and are excellent at moisturizing. The product contains skin health nutrients. Its rich vitamin C does dry skin good. Its fi sh collagen supplies water to human skin.

Its lycopene suppresses free oxygen radicals which cause aging. Complex proteins in the product supply necessary amid acids to human bodies. Hot Body Green Tea is also loaded with green tea, saltwort and aloe vera.

Hot Body Cookie is a low calorie meal replacement for busy modern people. The product contains alpha amylase and bromelain and papain, both of which aid digestion.

Phytonutrients in the product are dry yeast and chlorella.

Dry yeast is rich in essential amino acids and various enzymes while chlorella is a representative food of chlorophyll which enhances immune and skin health and at the same time, a treasure trove of antioxidant.

Keeping Our Customers Healthy and Happy
Nutribiotech has built state-of-the-art facilities to produce various types of health functional foods such as fi rst dual and triple tablet formulation and capsules, powder, granules, liquid, color coating, liquid jelly and much more.

The company built additional production facilities in Shanghai, China, and in Melbourne, Australia, since completing a factory in the US in November 2015.

Nutribiotech is now supplying health functional food to about 160 companies via a global quality-management system and the development of core materials and products that meet customers’ needs.


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