Highly Acclaimed Furniture Company with Specialized Diff erent Brands

http://korean-products.com/inquiryFURSYS Inc. is a Korea-based professional furnituremaking company that has fully devoted its eff orts to furniture industry since its establishment in 1983. FURSYS consists of three diff erent brands — Korea’s No. 1 offi ce furniture brand “FURSYS,” with an overwhelming 55% market share; premium home furniture brand, “ILOOM,” and high-end chair brand, “SIDIZ.” With total sales of over US$370 million as of 2015, FURSYS is one of Korea’s largest furniture companies.

FURSYS’s continuously launching innovative and trendsett ing products stem from Korea’s fi rst offi cially certifi ed furniture R&D center in 1989. Unrivaled design capacity of Fursys springs from R&D oriented corporate management, winning prestigious local and international awards such as Korea Good Design, Reddot, IDEA and IF awards.

All of its products are 100% made in its own fi ve factories in South Korea and they sell under the “FURSYS” brand name in as many as 70 countries around the world.

T50 Chair: SIDIZ’s fl agship product, T50 series was developed with in-house design and engineering capability of its own, the fi rst of its kind in South Korea.Over 200,000 units are sold every year since its debut in 2007, being acclaimed for its high performance.

SIDIZ sold US$31 million worth T50 series in 2015, and about 40% of sales came from overseas markets. The T50 series continues to increase its global presence as it is used in numerous global corporations such as IBM, Toyota, Offi ce Depot, NBA, General Electric, SoftBank, Manchester United and Tott enham Hotspur FC, while it is well received in Europe, the Middle East and North America at the same time.

The T50 chair also conforms to global quality standards such as BIFMA, Green guard and EN as well as Korean quality standard, KS. Its competitive edges such as reasonable price, outstanding design, durability and quality guarantee serve the demanding needs of various customer groups in the global market.

FLIGHT Chair: With weight-activated tilt, FURSYS’s Flight chair is designed to provide the optimal tilt adjustment for maximizing comfort for each user so that it can be served for a multitude of purposes in any environment.

The weight-sensitive tilt mechanism is engineered to respond to the weight of the user and adjust correct tension, without manual control. The intuitive function and fl exible frame structure also support the user stably and comfortably.

T60 Chair: SIDIZ’s T60 is a task chair created with exceptional sense of the noted Italian designer, Claudio Bellini. With its unique feature of Climafl ex for providing optimum comfort, refi ned U-line plastic shell and varied classy color of elastic fabric, the task chair off ers fl exibility to suit the user’s movement best and air permeability for maximized comfort.

Design right for the U-line backrest was registered in recognition of its originality.


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