Korea’s No. 1 Company In the Field of Deco Paper

http://korean-products.com/inquiryPrintech KR is Korea’s No. 1 company when it comes to deco paper that is used as surface material for furniture and interiors. It was founded in 1999 when the deco paper business got separated from LG Chemical. With continuous research development and equipment investment each year, Printech has been able to specialize in the deco paper fi eld and become the leading company in Korea.
It is expanding the market for deco paper and moving into the global market through design development, exclusive ink development, an eff ective quality guarantee system, and systematic marketing. Deco paper that Printech KR manufactures is made from cellulose derived from lumber and 100% water-based ink. Therefore, it is an eco-friendly surface material.

Development and Quality-Control of Deco Paper
201611cc_page_40_09Printech KR has various designs with more than 500 kinds of patt erns. It has a dynamic development system and great manufacturing equipment such as Gravure printer 7 lines. Furthermore, its eco-friendly products have been certifi ed by FSC. Printech KR has its own design R&D center as well. One can use deco paper as surface material, such as HPM/LPM/Poly coating and fi nishing foil.

The development process involves selection of the patt ern, sanding / waxing and art working, scanning the wood, digital printing and engraving the machine of the cylinder. And quality control requires automatic optical inspection and quality testing.

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