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http://korean-products.com/inquiryHongsam Nara Co., Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Korean ginseng and red ginseng related products in Korea. Established in 2010, the company continues to devote its eff orts to providing trustworthy health functional foods, contributing to improving quality of life of people.

Hongsam Nara has also made the utmost eff orts to stay ahead in the market by focusing on consistent technological innovations and establishing a high-tech production line.

All of its products are manufactured in its own safe and state-of-the-art facilities with GMP and ISO for quality assurance.

The Korean red ginseng products company also manufactures a variety of health functional foods such as acai berry concentrate, and evening primrose oil capsule, and it continues to conduct R&D to provide diversifi ed red ginseng products including100% red ginseng concentrate, stick-type liquid red ginseng concentrate, red ginseng powder, red ginseng tea and red ginseng capsule.

Hongsam Nara provides high quality products not only under its own brand, but also OEM or ODM basis through diverse sales channels such as major supermarkets and its franchise chains. It also has extended its stage to the global markets including Japan, China, Taiwan and Vietnam, the USA and the UK, promoting the high quality of Korean ginseng worldwide.

201610cc_page_069_06Hongsamjeong Korean Red Ginseng Concentrate Gold
Hongsam Nara’s Korean Red Ginseng Concentrate Gold is manufactured by extracting and vacuum concentrating at low temperature. Utilizing special method of extracting and concentrating the six-year-old red ginseng under the most optimal manufacturing condition, the eff ective and pure ingredients of red ginseng are contained in the Red Ginseng Concentrate Gold. You can enjoy the eff ects and its unique fl avor of Korean red ginseng.

Korean Black Ginseng Extract Gold
Utilizing the black ginseng extract as the main ingredient, the Korean Black Ginseng Extract Gold is made by using honey, jujube, young-ji (lingzhi) mushroom and Rehmanniae radix heartily to provide rich taste and fl avor.

Usually, the black ginseng is used to make premium products as it require much more complicated manufacturing process than red ginseng to raise ginsenoside content. The liquid type product is packed in a pouch to ensure hygiene and convenient portability and can be enjoyed as a great healthy food by people of all ages.

201610cc_page_069_03Acai Super Berry Concentrate Gold
Acai Berry juice and extracts of various berries such as cranberry, raspberry, blueberry and bilberry are mixed and pack in a stick type package to ensure hygiene and convenient portability. Acai Berry, which is rich in natural antioxidants, a variety of vitamins and minerals is emerging as an anti-aging food.

In addition, the Acai Berry juice and extracts of various berries contain a lot of Anthocyanins, known to be good for eyesight protection and recovery of retinitis so that Acai Super Berry Concentrate Gold will be a great healthy food for people of all ages.

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