Lower-body Bathing Tub

http://korean-products.com/inquiry [INQ. NO. 1612C03] “Belly Bath” is a lower-body bathing exclusive tub that can be easily used in a home that has no bathtub. It also solves the inconvenience of the lying style tub. The traditional large bathtub requires a great quantity of warm water for bathing and is uncomfortable in the waist and the legs while doing lower-body bathing. It measures 100×53×61cm (W×L×H) and weighs 12kg. The compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry it anywhere. Made of harmless and thermal PE material, it is durable and safe to use. It has a non-slip rubber pad on the bottom, a bathtub stopper, shower line connector and drain connector. The bathtub cover is optionally available.

201612cc_page_019_03Benefits of doing lower-body bathing are said to include detoxing the body and promoting good blood circulation, and they are also based on Western and Eastern medicine.

In Oriental medicine, the heart is considered as ‘Yang (positive)’ and the kidney as ‘Eum (negative),’ and your energy circulation is in good order and the balance of temperature is maintained when the Yang energy goes down and the Eum energy goes up. On the other hand, if one’s lower body temperature is far lower than the upper body, it would have bad blood circulation, resulting in poor health.

In modern-day medicine, the body temperature is considered to be closely associated with health as the imbalance of body temperature affects the entire body condition by slowing down the metabolism and the immune system.

Full baths retains the imbalance of upper-lower body temperature, since the temperature of the upper and lower body temperature rises together. On the other hand, lower-body bathing is perspiratory bathing that injects heat only into the lower body while lowering the upper body heat. Accordingly, it is possible to take long baths that are over 20~30 minutes while, keeping the balance of upper and lower body temperature.

When taking lower-body baths, the upper body temperature goes down as the body temperature rises, to maintain the balance of the body temperature. Here, sweat pours out like rain, due to energetic blood circulation within the body.

For more detailed information about this tub, please e-mail <bellybath@daum.net>.

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