Manufacturing Organic Health Food with Local Organic Agricultural Materials Health Science Co., Ltd. is one of companies that manufacture, sell and distribute organic health food with a vision of becoming a top organic healing company and making people healthy through nature. All the products of Charmden Inc. are made of local organic agricultural materials and organic certifi ed processes products and all of its equipment are working in accordance with the system of HACCP to produce organic health food through close quality assurance system. The company started out in 2002 with CEO and his wife as family business.

Organic Health Food that Represent Charmden: Balloon Flower, Ginger and Black Garlic

Balloon fl ower contains saponin, as much as ginseng.

Therefore, the combination of balloon fl ower and pear, made in Korea 100% with organic balloon fl owers, will keep your body warm with high nutrients. Through sterilization process at optimal temperature and timing, nutrients of balloon fl owers and pears are preserved, with their particular tastes wonderfully mixed. The bitt ersweet taste of balloon fl ower is somewhat neutralized by sweet taste of pear. This product is made at HACCP certifi ed facilities.
201610cc_page_063_09Golden combination of ‘Embodiment of Charmden Ginger justly’ is made of ginger, of which spicy taste and strong fragrance have been controlled by domestic jujube, to be eaten easily for anybody. It can keep safe for raw food with strong sterilization and has functions of neutralizing bad ingredients and improving appetites. In case of taking it with oriental herb, it can control vomiting and increase effectiveness with emission action. By keeping temperature of women warm, it is known to be good for woman syndrome.
Golden combination of embodiment of ‘Charmden Black Garlic justly’ is 100% organic black garlic made through ripening process. It has increased eff ective ingredients for bodies. The garlic is from Yeongcheon, Gyeongbuk province. By mixing natural soil with specialized cultivation technology, it boasts of the best quality. Also, it is 100% organic black garlic with s-arylsteine and various nutrients like vitamin and allicin, which are not present in raw garlic. Charmden revitalize unique deep taste and fragrance of garlic which is neutralized in the process of ripening for everyone to eat it easily.
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