Nurungji (Crust of Scorched Rice) [INQ. NO. 1612C07] Bamboo salt, which is based on the traditional Korean folk remday, is a nine-time roasted sundried salt in bamboo receptacle. In particular, Ocksujung bamboo salt is made by tightly filling king-size Korean bamboo with sun-dried sea salt from the west coast of the Korean Peninsula, and the bamboo mouth is packed with red clay, before the bamboo is baked nine times on a pine charcoal fire. Ocksujung is the first company in the world to succeed in pure bamboo salt, the top-class bamboo salt, by minimizing impurities.
Ocksujung was founded by an only daughter, Kim Yun-ock of a master of Oriental medicine and a creator of bamboo salt, Kim Il-hoon (1909~1992) and it has strived to carry on the high standards of workmanship and the original recipe of the old master for three generations.

Insisting on maintaining the special workmanship and the original recipe, the company has manufactured genuine and top quality bamboo salt “Ocksujung ” since 1926. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods