One-component Polyurethane Foam Selena Co., Ltd. has been committ ed to producing aerosol products since its establishment in 1991.

In 1996, it came up with ‘WORLD FOAM,’ onecomponent polyurethane foam that can be applied to a variety of places, such as openings around window and door frames, insulation and panel connection areas in apartments, houses and large buildings.

Following the successful launch of WORLD FOAM, Hamil Selena developed ‘WORLD FOAM BOND,’ onecomponent polyurethane foam adhesive that is an ecofriendly product without methanol in 2014.

201610cc_page_057_12In the same year, Hamil Selena introduced ‘WORLD PLUS 65’ and obtained certifi cation of DIN 4102 fi re class B2 (Germany) for the product in 2016. With this product, the company has captured the largest share of the domestic polyurethane foam market. It has 70 types of items and exported over USD $6 million worth of products.

The main export markets include Japan, Russia, China and Southeast Asian countries and the company has steadily increased its presence in the world markets, being recognized for product quality and reliability from overseas customers.

WORLD FOAM is Hamil Selena’s fl agship brand for polyurethane foam, which is ideal for sealing openings.

Once out of the can, it starts curding in contact with air humidity. It guarantees cracks or openings to be tightly sealed to prevent vibration and noise from outside.

201610cc_page_057_05WORLD PLUS 65 is a fi re-retardant product that complies with the standard of DIN 4102 fi re class B2 (Germany). It can produce foam of maximum 65L per can in the most optimum conditions and is also possible to reduce work by using a dual adapter.

201610cc_page_057_10WORLD FOAM BOND is one component polyurethane foam adhesive that can be used to bond polystyrene (EPS, XPS), board and a variety of interior materials.

It is an environmentally friendly product with excellent insulation and adhesive function. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods