Pioneer of Manufacturing Medical Equipment 1965, the founder of NEOMED Co., Ltd. developed orthopedic crutches for the fi rst time in Korea. It became a family business and NEOMED began developing orthopedic supplies for the fi rst time in the domestic market when most products were imported from advanced countries such as the United States. The company has been widely recognized as a pioneer of manufacturing medical equipment in Korea. The company has been manufacturing orthopedic supplies for 50 years, and has developed more than 200 kinds of products with its long history. Currently, the company has 133 patent rights including four patents, eight utility model registrations, eight brand registrations, three intellectual property rights and 96 design registrations, 10 design application certifi cates, PCT International application, and three pending patents.

NEOMED is a reliable company with technical capabilities that takes pride in its 100% domestic production.

Neo Smart Health Support is an excellent product that boasts superior quality, and the price is very competitive with a level of one-tenth of similar products. The product is harmless, non-toxic and odorless. It is good for people with atopic dermatitis, sensitive skin and trouble skin without itchiness, sense of diff erence and resistance. It makes the body comfortable and easy. Neo Heel Guard registered in the Intellectual Property Offi ce is made of harmless material and designed to fi t any heel shape. It is designed to be suitable for everyone regardless of gender or age. It holds your skin well and comfortably to support your heel.

JC-3303 Neo Cloud Insole provides more comfort to feet compared to other insoles since it eff ectively sends warm air out and takes in fresh air. The product can have a positive impact on herniated discs, shoulders, back, pelvis, knees and ankles.

201610cc_page_064_03NEOMED which has been managed as a family business for three generations has achieved 400% sales for the past eight years through its dynamic management. Currently, 20% of its sales come from the international market. The company is recognized as a promising export company with clients in more than 36 countries around the world. In addition, NEOMED was designated as one of the best companies for three years by Busan Metropolitan City. In the same year, the company has also been appointed as a rapidly growing company by the Korean government.

NEOMED has a laboratory approved by the Korea Industrial Technology Association. It makes steady eff orts to develop more human-friendly and more advanced health support products via proper planning, market research, design, product delineation, processing, molding, packaging and quick delivery. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods