Seed Heat Pack & Hinoki Cypress Leaf Pillows [INQ. NO. 1612C04] Established in 2013, Second Huz is a steadily growing enterprise with the vision of leading new frontier of premium mind/body healing products in Korea. The company manufactures and distributes Bio Seed Heat Packs, Hinoki Cypress Leaf Pillows, and other healthcare products as its main products via online shopping mall.

201612cc_page_019_07Heat Massage Pack is made up of 100% natural ingredients such as seeds and cotton cloth. You can enjoy aromatherapy just by heating the pack at home and anyware.

It is conveniently heated in a microwave.

Hinoki Cypress Leaf Pillows utilizes Hinoki leaves. The pillow helps people to fall to sleep easily due to the phytoncide aroma of the Hinoki cypress leaf. It is a natural product made of linen cloth and hinoki leaves, etc.

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