Setting the Market Trends in Beauty and Personal Care Industry for Over 40 Years From its humble beginnings as the eighth cosmetics enterprise in Korea in 1968, Samsung International Co., Ltd.

has since emerged as a pioneering cosmetic company, sett ing the market trends in the beauty and personal care industry for over 40 years. Founder and president, Byoungyoung Kim of Samsung Cosmetics Co., Ltd., formerly known as Samsung Cosmetic, remains fi rm in his mission, in upholding the value of creating good products for his customers.

This principle became the compass of the company, and soon Samsung Cosmetics drew att ention in the industry for its high-quality ingredients and caliber. As a result, it proudly became “the top cosmetics manufacturer” in the country, and grew as OEM manufacturer for renowned domestic cosmetic brands such as Amore Pacifi c and LG.

November 2014 marked the second founding of a new enterprise system for the distribution and international trading company called “Samsung International Co., Ltd.,” which aims at the global market under the brand name Belleza Castillo.

White Lie, Samsung Horse Oil and Edge Cutimal Mask ? Belleza Castillo

201612cc_page_050_07 White Lie is a whitening cream that gives gloss, whitening, moisture and soft texture to dry skin for those who want their skin eff ectively softened and whitened. The 3D dosage form breathes alongside the skin to increase its adhesiveness and provides plenty of moisture to maintain long-lasting moistness on the skin. Eleven organic components certifi ed by the USDA and EGF create an instant and healthy whitening eff ect.

Both horse oil and ceramide compounds home in on elasticity, lifting and improved derma, while preventing skin damage and leaving you with smooth and dewy skin. The ceramide and palmitoleic acid components maintain moisture from underneath the surface to form a moisture barrier and protect the skin. As it contains nicotinic acide amide and adenosine, it is whitening and skin-lifting horse oil.


As for edge cutimal mask, portulaca extract soothes skin irritation and allergy symptoms and heals sensitive skin through external stimulation to make it smooth and fresh.

These mask packs have removed all harmful substances that are responsible for skin problems. These hypoallergenic mask packs can be used on sensitive skin.

Printed Cutimal mask packs contain food dyes that are safe to eat and prevent smudging, so they can be used with confi dence. Cutimal mask packs use only natural preservatives instead of chemical ones, allowing them to surpass the KTR standard level on microorganisms and demonstrate their safety.

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