Yellow Soil Organic Stream Eye Patch “Steam Relax Eye Mask” [INQ. NO. 1612C02] These days, many people suffer from dry eye syndrome, which usually refers to the eyes which don’t produce enough tears. The dry eye syndrome can also occur when tears evaporate too quickly for any reason such as due to dry weather, hormonal changes, lack of sleep, and other health problems. Whatever the causes, the symptoms such as sore and uncomfortable eyes can be highly painful for dry eye suffers. And the condition can grow worse when frequently using a computer, smartphone or other digital gadgets for long periods of time.

201612cc_page_018_11But there’s now an effective way to treat the dry eye syndrome. “Steam Relax Eye Mask” is the first and only steam heating mask in the world. Categorized as an industrial disposable product, it can be also exported without special license.

The mask was developed based on a thesis from Harvard University finding that steam is good for relieving dry eyes. It was designed to maintain the temperature at 40°C for over 20 minutes, which is good for keeping the eyes warm to relieve the dry eye symptoms after obtaining professional counsel from Korean ophthalmologists. Currently, this steam eye mask is sold at ophthalmology clinics as a supplementary item for dry eye patients. As the Korean patented healthcare product gained popularity in the domestic market, the product has been selected as one of the HIT500 products in 2016.

You just need to put the eye patch on your closed eyes when you want to relieve your tired eyes due to excessive use of smartphones or computers, traveling insomnia and long hours of book reading and studying.

Unlike other masks, the Steam Relax Eye Mask is a safe eco-friendly product containing high-quality 100% natural red clay from Gochang County in North Jeolla province in Korea without adding any harmful chemical substances.

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