Hurigake Products, Natural Seasonings[INQ. NO. 1701C02] WOORICHAN is a food company specializing in natural ingredients that was established in 1995. It launched Gim-jakkung-bap-jak-kung, a hurigake product, in the Korean market for the first time before actively promoting the product and expanding its base as a leader in the domestic hurigake market. Befitting the present era with a growing number of people favoring well-being foods, WOORICHAN has developed natural ingredients, granulated natural ingredients, natural grain snacks and traditional grain syrup products before delivering differentiated products to major department stores and organic food stores in Korea including Shinsegae Department Store, Hyundai Department Store, Lotte Department Store, Pulmuone Orga Whole Foods and Daesang for several years.
201701c_page_44_03WOORICHAN acquired HACCP Certification (processed fisheries products/composite seasoning products/other processed products/snacks), organic processing certification, ISO22000 and ISO14001 by giving a lot of thought to food safety and quality and conducting advanced research and development.
Under the slogan, “Sanitation equals quality,” WOORICHAN is manufacturing quality products by using natural domestic materials in the best production facilities and thorough quality management system. Main production facilities include hot-air driers (maintained at 80 degrees or higher, one-stop drying /500kg), raw material selection & foreign substance management facilities, far infrared ray roasters (sterilization), mixers & coolers, automatic measurement stick packers and grain puffers.

Main products manufactured by WOORICHAN

Hurigake (Rice ball material): It includes container-type products and pouch-type products. The company manufactures hurigake used in experience classes offered in kindergartens and elementary schools, and it consists of 20 triangle lavers and hurigake (for 20 persons) and a triangle frame. In addition to these, it also provides hurigake products for infants including Bebe Cook.

Natural seasoning: The company produces 100% raw material-granulated natural seasoning products and natural seasoning mixed with 16 kinds of vegetables and seafoods.
Dried seafood packs for meat stock (Dried seafood tea packs for infants): They are dried seafood packs for meat stock and dried seafood tea packs that make it possible to brew 16 kinds of sea foods and vegetables at the same time.

Grain cereals: They are based on six grains and can be enjoyed along with milk and soybean milk. They can be well digested and loved by infants due to soft texture. Brown rice, black rice, barley, beet, sticky rice and green lavers were used as main ingredients.

Functional grain syrup: The company manufactures grain syrup, a natural sweetener made with grains. When honey made with rice is mixed with ginseng steamed red, black garlics and balloon flowers, it is effective in cleansing dusts within the body and preventing a cold. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods