Mop ( plate, 75 /140cm handle with microfiber multiple refill pad)[INQ. NO. 1701C13] Moveable cloth holder: it can be used for any size of cleaning cloth or non-woven wipe.
Velcro: Velcro was inserted in two deep rail of plate to ensure firm attachment throughout the entire use of the product.
Strong neck: Using strong plastic joint part from Europe, the product is lighter and much more durable than any other products without any complaints from end users about the 201701c__%ed%8e%98%ec%9d%b4%ec%a7%80_54_04common problem of broken neck joint part of lesser products.
Two-tone color multiple refill mop: It consist of hard (dark color) type polyamide and high-quality soft (light color) type microfiber yarn. The harder material is for good sliding, and soft material is good at absorbing and easily catching dusts, and the refill mop doesn’t have friction with even wet floor. When used for wet floor, this product is much easier to use than 100 % microfiber refill mop, which tends to stick to wet floor and doesn’t slide easily.
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