Polycarbonate Canopy / Polycarbonate Awning

https://korean-products.com/inquiry[INQ. NO. 1701C12] CANOFIX®, compound word of CANOPY and FIX (to be attached firmly), is the polycarbonate canopy brand of Korea Hot Fix Co. CANOFIX® is constructed by fitting a polycarbonate sheet on a specially designed bracket, and it is possible to install up to 30 meters of length using only one sheet.
Assembling is possible without welding or using silicon, and D.I.Y.-type assembly-based awning thanks to the ease of installation.
In addition, the simple and practical design of the bracket can solve various problems such as polycarbonate damage or shrinkage, expansion and sagging.
Also, applications vary from bus platforms, to bicycle racks, benches for players, and entrance of basement parking lots, external passageways between buildings, as well as window awnings and door canopies.

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