Vacuum Packing Machine “HAPPY LOCK[INQ. NO. 1701C16] Exposure to air is the major cause of food decay, and ordinary packing alone cannot block off the air. It is also difficult to maintain freshness and long-term storage of food, compared with vacuum packing.
All Pack Korea Co. Ltd. specializes in vacuum packing solutions through its advanced vacuum packing machine and appropriate packing bags for home and commercial uses under the brand name of “HAPPY LOCK.”
By using the HAPPY LOCK Vacuum Packing Machine, you can protect the original flavor, taste, nutrients and freshness of various foods such as fishes, meats, fruits and vegetables for a longer time.
As the packing material is transparent, it is easy to identify what kind of food is packed inside, in addition to the hygienic condition of the packed foods. The vacuum packing is also useful for preparing picnic food.

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