Air Purifier with Bluetooth 4.0 Radial Speakers NO. 1702C44] acoma is the first air purifier with Bluetooth 4.0 radial speakers. Its cylindrical shaped design is optimized structure as a speaker and an air purifier. The 360 degree-cylindrical speaker created exclusively through acoma’s know-how will fill your rooms with smooth butpowerful sounds.
In addition, acoma is an ideal choice for a single-person household or small space. This product was made with great consideration of one’s living space and user’s comfort; acoma is neither extravagant nor complex. Instead, it is simple and non-invasive. Its compact yet sophisticateddesign will complement any interior or space.
acoma may be small in size but its air purifying power is excellent. With 3-layered filter cleaning system –deodorizing filter, anti-virus filter, and HEPA filter – the cylindrical shaped air purifier will absorb 0.02 micrometer ultra-fine dust and allergens as well as fine dust, floating solids and hazardous substances from any direction in your place.
What’s more, acoma takes after the simplicity of analog devices. With two buttons — power button and fan speed adjustment button (sleeping, strong, auto, music), you can control the device. It is remotely controllable.
201702c_%ed%8e%98%ec%9d%b4%ec%a7%80_48_03In addition, with a convenient one-touch filter replacement system, you can replace the filter just by pressing the button.
You can also easily check the air quality in your place through acoma’s 4 color-code system, which analyze air quality based on presence of dust, micro-dust and other air pollutants as show below.
– The color of LED lights
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