Glasslike Texture Adhesive Faux Tile Sheets[INQ. NO. 1702C39] As the do-it-yourself (DIY) home interior trend is becoming more and more popular in Korea, companies are introducing a variety of new items that will help people make a difference to their house by themselves without calling in professionals.
Unidesign Co., Ltd. is drawing keen attention for its BeausTile sheets. The sticker type adhesive faux tile sheets provide a costeffective solution to redecorating anywhere in your place such as kitchen corners and floors or bathroom interior without expensive tiling work and professional help needed. It is simple to use; the tile sheet can be easily cut with scissors or a knife. Just by removing the adhesive PET backing, you can attach the BeausTile to the wall and floor without the need for glues, bonds or construction tools.
Its smooth glasslike texture produces a 3D effect that imitates glass, and it is so sophisticated that your eyes will not recognize the difference between this tile sheet and real glass tile. By simply attaching the BeausTile, you can complete your tiling needs easily and quickly.
The tile sheeting can be conveniently attached to flat or even curved surfaces; its flexibility allows it to seamlessly cover even angular corners and wrap around pillars. Using high-quality aluminum foil technology, the BeausTile sheet is fire retardant. It does not melt under 300°C; tests showed that there were no signs of alteration after being exposed to a flame for one minute, compared with PVC tile sheets that have visible fire damage after 10 seconds of flame exposure.
201702c_%ed%8e%98%ec%9d%b4%ec%a7%80_43_03BeausTile sheets are also safe to use; they do not contain noxious ingredients. This product received the KC certification by KATS, a quality certification mark, similar to Europe’s CE and Japanese PS mark. Unidesign also thoroughly inspects the external appearance of all of its products before shipping.
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