Porcelain Tableware

http://korean-products.com/inquiry[INQ. NO. 1702C35] Hanyeoyo is one of the leading manufacturers of porcelain tableware in Korea.
Its specialty is to produce and design multicolored porcelain tableware as refined and premiumquality goods using pigment by hand and the PAD technique. These products are eco-friendly and highly practical porcelain tableware that can even be put in a freezer or microwave. In addition, Hanyeoyo’s porcelain tableware is reasonably priced, as illustrated by the fact that Chinese companies import porcelain tableware from Hanyeoyo. Moreover, any kinds of custom-request special designs can be produced.
Hanyeoyo-Saimdang Grass and Insects (chochungdo) designs are based on grass and insects of the National Museum of Korea as the main motif. It is jointly designed in collaboration with creative director Han Jemma of the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency.

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