Vacuum Blender

[INQ. NO. 1702C42] We all know that adding a cup of fruit or vegetable juice to the diet is one of the best ways to get a good mix of vitamins and minerals.
Choosing the right machine to get healthy juice, however, is a different matter since there are various such products available on the market. Now there is a new-concept blender to facilitate your choice.
Hanssem Co., Ltd. has lately launched a vacuum blender “Ozen” after diligent research on the best way to obtain healthier juice. You can use the Ozen blender for maintaining nutrients and fiber of either fruits or vegetables.


What is vacuum blending?
Vacuum blending is the latest technology to retain the original freshness of vegetables and fruits by creating a vacuum condition inside the blending container. Beverages made by vacuum blender minimize oxidation/ browning phenomenon and have significantly less bubbles, because contact with the air is reduced. Thus, you can feel a sensation of smooth swallowing.

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To make pure and healthy drinks, Hanssem vacuum blender OZEN eliminates air. It effectively prevents destruction of nutrients caused by oxidation through blockage of contact with air. The food materials can also be kept fresh for a long time because bacterial exposure caused by contact with air is prevented. The easy-to-wash blender features safe and easy disassembly and hygienic Tritan materials. For the user’s safety, a triple safety system — container, air inlet lid settlement, and bottom fixing device — is applied while it is operated.
– More vivid color: Ozen retains the fresh color and nutrition of juice without bubbles by blending vegetables or fruits in a vacuum without air, unlike general blenders that normally form bubbles by contact with air, which makes the juice color lighter, causing oxidation and discoloration.
– Unchangeable clean taste: Because layers are not separated when materials are blended under a vacuum without air in Ozen, clean taste is ensured without any changes over time. By contrast, in beverages made in general blending, air bubbles are attached to fibers of vegetables of fruits and thus layers are more easily separated.
– Smooth swallowing with even dietary fibers: As the Ozen blender grinds the dietary fibers of vegetables or fruits, the juice is soft and it is enriched with dietary fibers. It is thus a healthful fruit and vegetable juice, and the whole fruit and vegetables can be enjoyed without wasting any parts. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods