Camping & Picnic Fair 2017 types of sports and leisure activities enjoyed by Koreans have become tremendously diverse, from fitness and marathon, to extreme and outdoor sports due t o improved living standards and keen attention to leading healthier lifestyles.
In particular, with the introduction of the five-day work system and keener attention being paid to healthier lifestyles, Korea’s camping & outdoor markets have been growing rapidly. According to the recent data, the camping population is estimated at 3 million with a market size of 600 billion won in 2014.
Camping is evolving into a year-round leisure activity in Korea and a variety of high-performance camping equipment is thus becoming popular.
Reflecting the growth of related industries in Korea, increasing numbers of 201702c_%ed%8e%98%ec%9d%b4%ec%a7%80_61_05exhibitors and visitors have attended the Camping & Picnic Fair.
This year the fair will be held from March 16 to 19 at KINTEX (Korea International Exhibition Center) in Goyang, Korea, featuring a diversity of the newest outdoor and camping-related items, providing buyers and visitors a good opportunity to check and predict the latest developments and trends of the industry. The exhibit items include tents, tables, chairs, lighting and heating gears, sleeping gears, kitchenware, camping cars, trailers, roof-top tents and SUVs, kayak, bicycle, etc.
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